Occupational Health Services

Solihull Health Check Clinic provides businesses of all sizes, with Comprehensive Health Screening Packages to allow Employers to monitor and prevent any Health issues for their Employees. This is done by providing Health checks for Employees to screen for current or potential health problems. By providing Health Screening to your employees, you are;

  • Showing Commitment and Concern for Employee Health and Welfare
  • Potentially reducing future absence rates through risk reduction and early Health Management

Solihull Health Check Clinic can come to your premises where our clinic can be set up in an office/ quiet Confidential area. All we need to conduct our Consultation is a table and 2 chairs.  By coming to you and your staff, we Guarantee as little disruption and inconvenience to your business as possible.  Your employees can visit the Health Screening Clinicians, during the course of their working day, from 30 minutes up to 2 hours (depending on the Health Assessment Package chosen). 

Why Provide Health Screening for your Employees?

All UK Employers have a responsibility to look after the Health and Wellbeing of their staff. In the long run this will benefit the company by ensuring a Healthy Happy Workforce and, reducing days taken off sick.  In the UK, Staff take on average 29 days per year sick leave through work related illnesses.  By implementing a Health Screening Programme within your Company you can ensure that your staff become aware of illnesses earlier, therefore being given the advice and opportunity to do something about it before it gets out of control.  Forewarned is forearmed. 

For the employer, this leads to :-

  • A Healthier and more Active Workforce
  • A Reduction in Employee sick days, therefore a reduction in staff costs, caused by covering sick leave
  • Improved Productivity, Performance and Motivation
  • Improved Staff Morale and Employee Loyalty
  • Allows the Company to react to Identified Health Issues and Risks within the Workforce
  • The Company will gain a reputation for maintaining the Health needs of it's Employees

Employees will benefit from the following;

  • A Complete and Comprehensive Health Screening Check, provided by the Company (depending onpackage chosen)
  • A Consultation provided during working hours and on work premises
  • A Confidential and Personalised Health Assessment which discusses Physical Health and Mental Health Worries
  • Receiving a full Health Report, outling the results of the Health Check with Lifestyle advice and recommendations

The Complete Health Screening assessment includes;

  • Body Composition Measurement - Height/Weight/Waist/Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure - on arrival and on discharge
  • Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Atrial Fibrilation Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Analysis
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation
  • Urine testing for Diabetes
  • Blood Glucose test for Diabetes
  • Questionnaire Screening Tool for Diabetes
  • Lung Function Testing - Peakflow Machine
  • Cholesterol Profile Blood Test, including HDL and HDL/ratio
  • Urinalysis for Leucocytes/Nitrates/Protein/Ketones/Blood/Specific Gravity/Dehydration
  • Blood Testing for Kidney Function, Iron Levels, Prostate Specific Antigen, Menopausal Profile, Bowel Cancer Screening and many more, if indicated. 
  • Diet and Lifestyle Advice including Heart Disease risk factors and Stress Management

In the event of abnormal results, these will be discussed confidentially with the Employee and future actions advised. The Employee will be given advice and support.  As an Employer, you will be given statistics on Health issues within the Company and due to Client/Clinician Confidentiality, Names of Employees will not be eligible for disclosure unless, an agreement between Employer and Employee is in place.

The following services are available:

  •          Absence Management Referrals (Sickness Absence Medicals)
  •          Driver Medicals
  •          Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing
  •          Fit for Work Medical
  •          Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)
  •          Hearing (Audiometry) Test
  •          Lung Function (Spirometry) Test

Call Solihull Health Check Clinic for further information and to arrange a Complete or Partial Health Screening for your employees, on 0121 745 7400.



Absence Management Referrals (Sickness Absence Medicals)
Absence Management Referrals (Sickness Absence Medicals)

Hand Arm Vibration
Hand Arm Vibration

Lung Function (Spirometry) Test
Lung Function (Spirometry) Test

Drug & Alcohol Testing
Drug & Alcohol Testing

Fit For Work Medical
Fit For Work Medical

Driver Medicals
Driver Medicals

Hearing Assessments (Work Place)
Hearing Assessments for the Work Place