Early detection is the KEY; two main causes of kidney disease are Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

An elevated level of ALBUMIN in the urine is an early warning sign of chronic kidney disease. According to the American Kidney Foundation, 20 million Americans (1 in 9 adults) have chronic kidney disease and another 20 million more are at risk. Early detection of kidney disease may prevent the disease progressing. Elevated levels of albumin in the urine is called Microalbumin. The test utilises lateral flow technique in a single test device. This test is designed with a cut-off level of 18mg/L.

Symptoms and signs of Kidney Disease and Failure include;

swelling of legs and feet Little or no urine output Thirst and dry mouth

Rapid heart rate Feeling dizzy when you stand up No appetite.

Nausea, Vomiting Pain on one side of the back Confusion

Why would you not get a simple check ?