Early Diagnosis at Solihull Health Check Clinic

Prevention is better than cure.  What is early diagnosis……….


Why is early diagnosis so important and what can health screening do to offer longevity and prevent disease?

Eileen Fegan, along with her husband Patrick, saw the importance of offering early diagnosis and prevention of disease, after the tragic and sudden loss of Eileen’s Father, to a simple and silent killer.

Solihull Health Check Clinic has become synonymous  with early diagnosis and is now a  well-respected and established centre of excellence, following multiple awards for Patient Care, Customer Service and the Chamber of Commerce Business award 2015.  Birmingham City Council has also awarded the Clinic, the Corporate Social responsibility award, for all the charity work and education in schools, provided by Eileen and Pat. 


The Clinic has seen hundreds of patients come through its doors, since opening in 2014 and not only looks after individuals who want health checks, but also works with Corporate clients, to undertake mini-health checks with employees from all types of organizations.  Prevention of illness and disease is the best way to ensure a safe, effective and happy workforce and therefore increase productivity and the health of the bottom line.


Health screenings can show if you have a condition or a disease even if you’re not currently showing symptoms.  In most cases, the earlier a problem is detected, the more effective your treatment will be.  Even if you feel fine, it is critical that you have a health check.   Not only will it spot a problem, it will give you a better chance of being able to control any issue that may be detected and reduce the risk of potentially serious complications


By being proactive in your healthcare, you stand a better chance of catching a condition early.  It has been shown that people who regularly have preventive screenings have a higher success rate in treatment and live longer, healthier lives.

Health Screening looks at all aspects of cardiovascular status, cholesterol profile, prostate testing, blood pressure and atrial fibrillation screening, as well as lung function monitoring, diabetes, urinalysis, bowel/colon faecal immunological testing and a range of other diagnostic tests.

Prevention is always better than cure and most people know more about their cars than they do about the state of their health.  Be proactive and take charge of your health, before someone else does.  For further information, take a look at www.solihullhealthcheckclinic.co.uk or call 0121 745 7400.


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