Eileen Fegan talking about the Charity Event at Solihull Health Check Clinic

Award Winning Health Clinic uses it’s 1st Birthday

to support the Acorns Hospice & Cancer Research


On Saturday  25th April, the founders of Solihull Health Check Clinic, based in Dickens Heath, held a lavish evening of champagne, loveliness and live music, to celebrate the 1st birthday of the Early Diagnosis Clinic and also to raise funds for the Acorns Childrens Hospice and cancer Research.  The invite only, dress to Impress event was attended by more than 100 gorgeous ladies, who really made an effort for the red carpet event.


The Clinic, which provides early diagnoses and is proving to save lives, is the brain child of Eileen and Pat Fegan.  Eileen, whose parents are from County Clare and Donegal and Pat, whose parents are from County Longford and Leitrum, were passionate about affordable, convenient and easily accessible health care for all, following the tragic loss of Eileen’s Father in 2013, to a simple condition, that if diagnosed and treated early, would have saved his life.  Only a month later, in 2013, Eileen was diagnosed with a tumour in her left eye and because of early diagnoses and prompt treatment, Eileen has saved her sight and is here to tell the story.


The event on Saturday evening was held at their private Clinic in Dickens and was a huge success and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality laid on by Pat Fegan.  Pat said “I am absolutely delighted that the event hosted here at our Clinic, was such a fabulous success.  We have worked extremely hard setting up the Early Diagnosis Clinic and Eileen has dedicated her life to a career in Health Care and looking after people.  This event is our way to give back to the Community “.


Eileen said “Huge thanks must go to all our sponsors and contributors on the evening; to name a few, Touchwood, Essay Photography, the Irish Centre, The Village Hotel Group, Ardencote Hotel, Marriott Forest of Arden, Virgin Spa and Gym, Amanda Norville, Loveliness Boutique, Purple Rooms, Tescos……………………


For further information about Health Screening, contact the team on 0121 745 7400.

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