Solihull Health Check Clinic nominated for Chamber award 2016

Solihull Health Check Clinic are delighted to have been nominated for a second year in a row, for the prestigious Customer Care Award, presented by Solihull Chamber of Commerce, at an awards ceremony,  being held at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport.  Eileen Fegan, who is the Clinical Director of Health Care at the Clinic, along with her husband  Pat, who not only manages the day to day strategic running of the Clinic, but also runs a Nursing & Care Agency, are thrilled to be in the finals, which sees the winner being announced on October 7th.

The  award ,  identifies an organisation  that  demonstrates exceptional Customer Care and has been recognised and nominated  by clients, customers, stakeholders and colleagues.

To be successful to the interview stage of the process,  the organisation will show  their commitment to customer service, going above and beyond what is normally expected of them,  to ensure the client receives an outstanding and memorable service.

The judging panel are looking for examples of behaviours and skills that can include and demonstrate  initiative, dedication, willingness to help, supportive, hard working, committed, attention to detail, open and friendly, having empathy and compassion.

The award will be presented to the organisation, whom the judges feel  demonstrate exceptional customer care and has been recognised by clients, customers, stakeholders and colleagues.

Initially, when Eileen and Pat Fegan were informed the Clinic had been nominated for a second year in a row, they were delighted and honoured.  To reach the shortlist and interview stage  from dozens of entries and now be in the final on October 7th, Eileen said   “This truly is an honour and a privilege, to be considered worthy  by our patients, clients and corporate partners, for the Customer Care  award  2016.   After winning the award in 2015, it would be absolutely overwhelming to win it for a second year.  As a team, we work extremely hard, making sure our services are exceptional and this tells us that all our efforts are worth it”.

Eileen Fegan and Paul Willoughby, CEO of FlyBe




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