What to Expect From Us

With so many Health Screening providers in the UK, why choose the Professionals at Solihull Health Check Clinic to conduct your Health Assessment ?  The answer is easy...... 

  •  Same day blood tests and results are available
  •  A purpose built Clinic with state of the art equipment
  •  A convenient consultation where you do not remove any indoor clothes
  •  The most competitively priced Health Screening programmes in the   current market

You will be delighted that you chose Solihull Health Check Clinic, to undertake your tests and examinations.  Our Lead Health Screening Practitioner, and the team are dedicated to ensuring your experience  is professional, prompt, enjoyable, relaxing, convenient.  You will be provided  with an in-depth verbal report, at the end of your consultation, followed by a comprehensive health report which provides all your results and lifestyle advice.  All of our health checks are carried out by our fully trained Registered General Nurses and during your consultation, you will be provided with information, support and advice.  Following your consultaion, you have regular access to advice, from our Health Screening team

How long will my Appointment take?

As little as 20 minutes up  to 2 hours, depending on the tests you have chosen. Each client has different concerns and issues therefore some appointments take longer than others, however, there is no need to rush. Your appointment will be centred around your needs. 

What information will you need from me?

We will undertake a Past Medical and Family History Health Questionnaire, to obtain important information from you, this will be discussed during your appointment therefore please give as much detail as possible. Should you be taking any medication please either bring this along with you, or bring a list detailing the medication. Depending on the Plan you have chosen you may be required to bring a stool sample with you, this can be collected in a tupperware box/ tin foil. You will be advised prior to your appointment if you will be required to bring a stool sample. 

What happens at my Health Check?

You will be welcomed by our friendly team, who will put you at ease immediately. Depending on the Health Plan you have chosen, you will undergo a range of screening tests.   It is all non-invasive, painless and suprisingly pleasant.  There are a huge range of blood tests that can be performed, following discussion, including but not exhaustive are Thyroid Function Profile, Liver Function Tests, Renal Function, Blood Group, Vitamin D, HbA1c, HIV 1 & 2, Blood Lead, PSA, Testosterone and many more. Please see our services for a detailed list and prices. 

When will I get my results back?

Your results will be verbally given to you at the end of your appointment and your Clinician will compile a full Health Report, which will be sent to you by post.  Some blood tests will need to be sent to our pathology lab and  results are usually available within 12 to 24 hours.

"100% of clients said they felt cared about during their consultation and were satisfied with the service they received"

"100% of clients were satisfied with the information received from their Clinician"

"100% of clients would recommend the Solihull Health Check Clinic to their family and friends"

Please contact Solihull Health Check Clinic on 0121 745 7400 for further information or to book an appointment.