Absence Management Referrals (Sickness Absence Medicals)

Should you have an employee who falls in to the following: 


·    Has a long period of sickness absence, this may be a month or it may be considerably longer.

·    Has a history of multiple periods of short term sickness absence. 

·    Has a serious illness who is determined to work and you need some help to ensure

     that you are supporting them appropriately.


Absenteeism can be costly to a business therefore Absence Management Referrals can help to Manage Staff Absences. 


We’ll ask you to complete our management referral form. This will inform us of any relevant information about the employee’s duties, reason(s) for absence, absence history and the questions you would like answered. We’ll then arrange an appointment quickly, usually within a week of referral.


We arrange for your Employee to see an Occupational Health Doctors who will have a detailed consultation with your employee. This assessment will include:

  • Full Medical History.
  • Reasons behind sickness from work, Encompassing any Motivational, Mental Health and Lifestyle issues.
  • In-depth assessment of the individual’s Physical and Mental well-being. The consultation will focus upon the effect of work on your health (or vice versa) and how to address these.
  • Proposals for a return to work strategy, including phased return or adjustments to role.


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