Hand Arm Vibration

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS, sometimes known as ‘white finger’ is a potentially serious condition affecting employees’ hands, resulting in damage to the small arteries and nerves in the fingers.

An Employee who is at risk of HAVS is reccommended to have an Annual Health Surveillance.  Employees who are exposed to vibration should be regularly monitored in case they have mild symptoms of HAVS.  Regular Health Surveillance could prevent them progressing to an advanced stage of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) which is associated with disabling loss of hand function.

Some of the tools used within a work place with a risk of HAVS are listed below:

  • Hammer Action Tools

  • Some Rotary and other Action Tools

  • Oscillating Drills

  • Chainsaws and Hedge Trimmers

  • Hand-held Saws

  • Work pieces which vibrate while being processed by powered machinery such as pedestal grinder

If you use any of the above tools on a regular basis or your employees do, please contact Solihull Health Check Clinic on 0121 745 7400 to discuss booking your HAVs Tests. 

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