Lung Function (Spirometry) Test

A regular lung function test (spirometry) for employees could identify respiratory illnesses. This could include occupational asthma, which can cause absence from work, unemployment and GP visits.

If an employee comes into contact with a substance at work which can cause occupational asthma then you need to have regular Health Surveillance in place. The main causes of occupational asthma can be exposure to:

·         Isocyanates

·         Flour Dust

·         Grain Dust

·         Glutaraldehyde

·         Wood Dust

·         Latex (Powdered Natural Rubber Latex Gloves)

·         Rosin-Cored Solder Fume

·         Laboratory Animals or Glues and Resins


Detecting symptoms early enough and reducing their exposure can reduce the risk of

Solihull Health Check Clinic recommend that an initial spirometry test be completed within 12 weeks of employment followed by annual tests where we can compare records for you year on year.

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