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Whatever industry you are in, occupational health is vital, not only for staff welfare but also for the bottom line profits of your business. Staff who are ill, stressed or just lethargic, may have conditions that could lead to lost time through illness, cause an accident, or even worse, a loss of life.

The responsibilty for companies to look after their employees these days, is ever on the increase, not just because of regulations but also for "bottom line" improvement.

A healthy and well performing employee will not cost you in lost productivity, sickness or poor performance.

According to figures published by the Health & Safety Executive, 2.1 million workers in the UK suffered from work-related illness in 2007/2008, resulting in £11.6 billion in lost revenue, which is the equivalent of £476 for each employee or around 16% of salary costs.  A significant proportion of this is due to lifestyle-related illness.  Therfore, Occupational Health Screening and Workplace Health Surveillance can offer significant benefits to any Company Business.

  • Solihull Health Check Clinic provides Occupational Health services for many cllients and their employees, either directly at their place of work, or here at the Clinic.
  • Investigations can be as simple as a Post Immunisation Hepatitis B titre or the screening of employees working with Toxic materials or working in Toxic environments.
  • Many staff working for the NHS, Nursing Agencies, Care Homes, Nursing Homes and other Healthcare establishments require to know their Immunity status to particular things such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella or Varicella as well as their Virology status to HIV and Hepatits B and C.
  • We also provide Well-being screens for those employees working in Industry, such as Welders, Paint sprayers, and Pest Controllers.

Whatever you Occupational Health requirements, Solihull Health Check Clinic can provide you with a professional and cost effective service.

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Occupational Health
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