Drug & Alcohol Screening

Various blood, breath and urine tests can be used to assess both drug and alcohol usage.


You will be seen by either our Clinical Director, Registered Nurse or Phlebotomist.

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Why should I have a drug test?


Assess and understand your usage of drugs and alcohol.


Check if any medical drug dosage needs amending.

Tests & Routines We Offer

Alcohol Breathalyser


This is approved by the Home Office.

Drug Urine & Alcohol Breathalyser


Urine Drug Test


Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Buprenorphine, Cannabis, Cocaine, Ketamine, Methadone, MDMA, Methamphetamine, Methaqualone, Opiates, Propoxyphene, Phencyclidine, Tricyclic Antidepressants.

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